Văn miếu quốc tử giám in english

There is no other place like Quốc Tử Giám Quốc Tử Giám in Hanoi - NONE. This is the first national university of Vietnam giới. This is where you learn about our culture và tradition - our love sầu và thirst for knowledge as well as our desire to make our family & village proud. Every single stone in the place owns his own symbol và meaning. Get yourself a good Hanoian tour guide or better still, a good Hanoian frikết thúc và visit! You will definitely enjoy not just the sight but also the groups and groups of local students coming in to pay our respect khổng lồ the very first teachers of the nation.

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All đánh giá graduation photos photos taken beautiful architecture worth a visit interesting history interesting place peaceful place audio guide entrance fee busy đô thị the hustle & bustle old quarter confucius scholars graduate exams stelae
Hard khổng lồ believe sầu there was a university here in 1070+ when Europeans were still living in skins. the grounds are very nice & they clearly tried lớn combine this esthetic with a space for learning. you will probably benefit from a guide lớn translate many of the monuments and inscriptions.

We visited this temple complex on a Saturday afternoon when groups of graduating students were celebrating. It is interesting that current students wish to lớn celebrate their graduation at the First National University of Vietnam, founded in the 11th century!There were some great flower displays and trees. The complex is well preserved.

The home of confuscious. The feeling of learning was enhanced by many students enjoying their graduation in the beautiful grounds.

If you go there alone without any guide & local friends it will be dull, boring và not much lớn see. Better spover time discover other attractions.

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We visited the temple of literature on a private guided tour, such an interesting place with amazing history. It really puts Vietnams past inlớn perspective hearing all the stories behind the temple.A must visit for anyone coming to lớn Hanoi!

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