Unit 3: writing (trang 36


Work in pairs. Ask và answer the following questions.

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(Làm bài toán theo cặp. Hỏi cùng vấn đáp các câu hỏi sau.)

1. On what occasions are parties held? (Các buổi tiệc thường xuyên được tổ chức triển khai vào mọi lúc nào?)

2. What kind of clothes vì chưng people often wear at a party? (Mọi người thường xuyên khoác gì tới bữa tiệc?)

3. What kind of presents bởi people often bring lớn a party? (Mọi fan hay sở hữu các loại quà gì cho tới bữa tiệc?)

Guide to answer

1. Parties are held on birthdays, anniversaries, New Year"s Eve sầu.

2. People wear traditional costume, a formal or informal dress.

3. People bring cakes, chocolate, candy, flowers ....

Complete the letter of invitation below with the words/phrases in the box. (Hoàn thành thư mời bên dưới với những từ/cụm từ bỏ trong bảng.)


Guide khổng lồ answer

(1) at my house

(2) to lớn come

(3) refreshments

(4) to cook

(5) winners

(6) by Monday

You are going lớn hold a party. You want lớn invite your classmate to the các buổi party. Write the letter of invitation, following these guidlines. (Quý Khách đang tổ chức triển khai một buổi tiệc. Quý Khách muốn mời các bạn thuộc lớp cho tới tham gia. Viết một tlỗi mời theo hướng dẫn dưới đây.)

Guide khổng lồ answerLetter 1

Dear Mai,

As the school year is coming khổng lồ an over, I"m giving a farewell tiệc nhỏ before we go away for holiday. Would you lượt thích to lớn come? It will be held at my home at 7 p.m this coming Sunday. I intover to invite about 10 people, so it will be a small gathering. I will order some pizzas & buy snacks & fruits. There will be nhảy & karaoke competition, so there will be a lot of fun.

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Please let me know if you can come. Just leave sầu me a message on the phone if you can"t catch me at trang chính.

Your friend,


Letter 2

Dear Nam,

I"ve sầu passed the entrance exam khổng lồ Hanoi University of Science. On this occasion, I am celebrating a warm buổi tiệc ngọt at trang chính on Saturday, September 18th at 5 p.m. Would you lượt thích to lớn come?

I also invite most of our classmates lớn come. This is an opportunity for all of us lớn meet each other for such a long time. I hope that we will have sầu a good time together. There will be buffet & of course singing & dancing will be offer red then.

I look forward khổng lồ your joining our các buổi tiệc nhỏ. I"m very happy if you say "Yes".

Love sầu,


Letter 3

Dear Hoa,

We are having a birthday tiệc nhỏ for my little brother Nam this Saturday evening. My family và I would like lớn invite you lớn join us.

The tiệc ngọt will take place at 7 p.m. at my house. We plan to lớn invite some of our friends that you"ve already known. This is an opportunity for all of us lớn meet each other for such a long time. I hope we will have a good time together. Please come lớn join the singing & nhảy activities with us. Of course there will be lots of food and drink such as cakes, candies & fruit juices.

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I will be very happy if you can come, Ngoc. Please let me know whether you can come.