Danny Rand resurfaces 15 years after being presumed dead. Now, with the power of the Iron Fist, he seeks to lớn reclalặng his past and fulfill his destiny.

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Marvel's Iron Fist: Season 2 (Trailer)
Marvel's Iron Fist (Teaser)
Marvel's Iron Fist (Trailer)
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Danny Rvà resurfaces 15 years after being presumed dead. Now, with the power of the Iron Fist, he seeks to reclayên ổn his past và fulfill his destiny.

After being declared dead 15 years earlier, Danny R& returns khổng lồ Thủ đô New York. But his welcome is a far cry from what he'd hoped.

Danny struggles with his new surroundings, Colleen dishes out a harsh lesson, và Joy sends an unconventional message.

Joy proves herself a shrewd businessperson, Danny recalls a painful memory, và Colleen puts her talents khổng lồ good use.

Danny makes a shocking discovery và a radical pricing proposal. Colleen's extracurricular activities go viral, and Ward issues a stern warning.

An insidious new drug hits Thành Phố New York. Danny recruits Colleen for the fight, và Claire discovers that credit cards can have many uses.

Danny receives an invitation lượt thích no other. Colleen and Claire face a difficult choice. A worried Joy confronts her brother.

Ward's loyalty is tested. Danny discovers a rogue division, & the mysterious Bakulớn visits Colleen's dojo unannounced.

Danny faces his fear, và Colleen meets her match. Joy makes a hasty decision, while Ward struggles khổng lồ accept his sister's admiration.

Madame Gao plays mind games. Ward's old habits catch up with hyên, & Danny discovers that he still has much khổng lồ learn about being the Iron Fist.

Exhausted from fighting, Danny tries khổng lồ recharge with Bakuto's help. Meanwhile, Rand's management gets another shakeup.

Claire uses her improvisational skills, and Colleen gets conflicting information. Danny yearns to be more than just a destroyer.

Ward receives an offer with strings attached. Davos advocates for an extreme solution, và a deadly duel gets personal.

In a desperate tìm kiếm lớn clear his name, Danny learns a terrible truth that places hyên ổn on a new path.

As a gang war brews in New York's Chinatown, Danny và Colleen strive sầu to lớn protect the innocent while battling fearsome enemies both old và new.

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While rival gangs battle for the soul of New York, Danny & Colleen cross paths with an old acquaintance. Joy embarks on a new adventure.

Danny and Colleen strive sầu to broker a badly needed peace. Ward crashes his sister's auction, và Joy plays matchmaker -- with a twist.

In an effort to lớn ease the tension between Ward and Joy, Danny and Colleen switch gears & host a dinner tiệc nhỏ. Mary delivers a warning.

Joy's interrogation of Mary takes a turn. Misty gives Danny an earful. Ward extends an olive sầu branch. Davos makes a crucial discovery.

There's a new Iron Fist in town, and he's itching to make his presence felt. Meanwhile, Ward calls in a favor, và Joy considers her options.

Misty và Colleen's trip to lớn the tattoo parlor turns painful -- but not for them. As Davos crosses names off his danh mục, Mary makes Danny an offer.

As Danny steps up his training, Davos ramps up recruitment. Ward falls prey to old demons, và Misty butts heads with a captain.

Joy offers Davos tips on appealing to lớn the masses, Danny begins khổng lồ understvà his limits, và Mary seeks the truth about her past.

Facing a life-changing decision, Danny and Colleen debate their next move. Meanwhile, Davos's contempt for mercy grows stronger.

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