The lunar new year holiday, known simply as Tết, is the happiest time of year in Vietnam. People spover unique time with their friends và families, sharing gifts, laughs and huge meals. Should you find yourself in Vietphái nam during Tết, here’s how you can celebrate.

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In Vietnamese culture, the lunar new year is a time when bad spirits may try to lớn enter your trang chủ và bring bad fortune for the upcoming year. To keep these pesky wandering souls at bay, you need loud noises – & lots of them. Tết festivities always include big explosions, so figure out where they’ll be and take in the show. In Ho Chi Minh City, they’re near the Bitexco Tower. In Hanoi, they’re around Hoàn Kiếm Lake.


If you really want to lớn get inlớn the spirit of Tết, you’ll need some flowers for your living space. Think of Tết flowers like Christmas trees – a festive sầu decoration to lớn lift your mood & spread good vibes. The flower in the North is the peach flower, which blooms on wispy little trees. In the South, you can’t look anywhere without seeing a bushel of yellow Ochmãng cầu flowers, sometimes called the mickey-mouse plant because of the shape of its fruit.

To go along with your flowers, you’ll definitely need some red & yellow decorations. They’re the colors of good fortune & prosperity, which is why you’ll see red banners with yellow lettering everywhere during Tết.


If you’re wondering why there are red envelopes hanging from trees, it’s because they’re filled with kém chất lượng money – again, to bring good fortune. Similar khổng lồ gift giving at Christmas in the West, families give sầu children lucky money during Tết. As a foreigner, you’ll make many new friends if you bring around red envelopes và h& out lucky money lớn kids. It doesn’t need to lớn be a lot: 5,000–10,000vnd ($0.22–0.44 USD) is plenty.

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If you’re in a trang chủ stay, or if you’ve sầu made some local friends, a gift is a nice gesture that will earn you a lot of respect. Don’t go overboard, though. Things like boxes of chocolates and bottles of wine are perfect.

As long as you’re in good spirits và don’t intrude too much into anyone’s private family time, you’ll be fine during Tết. Vietnamese people know foreigners aren’t aware of all the local customs & traditions, so you’ll be forgiven for any minor mistakes. And besides, everyone’s in such a good mood that nobody toàn thân wants to lớn get inlớn a huff about anything anyway. Which leads to lớn first things to avoid: arguments. Try not lớn shout or get angry during Tết, because the mood during this holiday time is an omen for the upcoming year. If you come in spreading anger and trying to fight about petty things, then you’re bringing them bad luchồng. This also applies to lớn criticism. It’s considered very bad etiquette to say bad things about a person during Tết.

Try not khổng lồ wear too much blaông chồng as well. It’s the color of death in Vietphái mạnh, và since people are wary of evil spirits during this time of year, a person wearing blaông chồng is a bad sign. The more colors you wear, the better.

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This will sound cliché, but the best Tết experiences aren’t found in any guide books. You have sầu to get out và explore if you really want to lớn get into the festive sầu spirit. Trust us, you won’t wander too long before a family invites you in to lớn mô tả a few snacks and drinks. Every year for Tết, we go for a stroll through the neighborhood to see how people are celebrating, và every year, we over up drinking ourselves silly and having an amazing time – one that we never would’ve sầu expected beforehand. Tết is such a happy time of year in Vietnam giới, so get out there and feel the joy for yourself.

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