Fans can’t wait khổng lồ read Kimetsu no Yaicha 204 spoilers and Detháng Slayer Chapter 204 raw scans và the official release date.

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Today we will be sharing all the details regarding the upcoming chapter here with you. If you are someone who dislikes reading spoilers before the official chapter release, please clichồng off this article và wait for the official release.

Detháng Slayer/ Kimetsu no Yaitía has finally reached its kết thúc phase & the next chapter will be its climax. The famous manga is ending soon and fans are not very happy with it.

Tanjiro is baông chồng as a human và the manga will be ending soon, what are your thoughts on it? Do you want it khổng lồ continue?


We have shared with Gotouge’s phản hồi from Shonen Jump issue 21 & 22, there are talks of an imposter.

Who is the imposter? Is someone in the detháng slayers an imposter? Will this be the plot for a sequel to or this series khổng lồ continue without any hiatus.

Detháng Slayer Chapter 204 Raw Scans

As we all know, manga is prepared & drawn in Japanese, which is then translated khổng lồ English & other languages. A group of scanlation teams work day and night lớn translate the raw scans as they get released.

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Since mangastream stopped doing KNY scanlations, many new teams have popped up but the translations are still not 100% perfect.

The raw scans for the Demon Slayer manga chapter 204 will be leaked by 4th May & we will be sharing all the link as they get released, make sure to check the subreddit regularly for all the latest updates.

Ongoing Hate on the Manga Author

Since we all know that the upcoming Kimetsu no Yaiba 204 is going to lớn be the last chapter of the series, the author of the manga have started receiving death threats from people over the Internet.

Koyoharu Gotouge have been getting hate messages và death threats on his social media handles for over a week now, and for what? Just because a manga is ending?

This should not happen to lớn one of our beloved mangaka’s & we need to lớn support her in the time of need. She has given a masterpiece in khung of Demon Slayer manga & anime and we can’t thank her enough for that.

When will Kimetsu no Yaibố movie: Infinity Train get released?

KNY infinity train movie is mix to lớn release on 16th October 20đôi mươi, but the dates can be delayed because of the ongoing COVID situation & we will be sharing all the Detháng Slayer updates with you as soon as they get released.

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One Punch Man Season 3 và Jujutsu Kaisen anime has been delayed as well, so let’s wait for the new release dates lớn be released.