My mom turned 75 this year & since Mother’s Day is coming up, I thought it was the perfect time to lớn write 75 REASONS WHY I LOVE MY MOM. Also wanted to inspire YOU khổng lồ vì the same.

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75 Reasons Why I Love My Mom

1) She’s always cheerful.

2) She’s very creative sầu.

3) She gives good advice.

4) She’s a great teacher.

5) She’s a talented musician.

6) She plays the piano, fiddle and guitar.

7) She’s a wonderful cook.

8) She taught me how lớn biến hóa my own recipes.

9) She loves Netflix.

10) She has a love sầu for family history.

11) She tells great family stories.

12) She loves her family and keeps in touch with them.

13) She has beautiful handwriting (cursive).

14) She taught me khổng lồ be independent.

15) She loves cats.

16) She’s very positive.

17) She’s smart.

18) She’s a music teacher.

19) She raised me by herself.

20) She taught me lớn love healthy foods.

21) She used to have a bumper sticker that said “Why Be Normal”.

22) She’s from a small town.

23) She is kind to everyone.

24) She is young at heart.

25) She has an iPhone, iPad và MacBook and knows how khổng lồ use them.

26) She went through chemo và always kept a positive sầu attitude.

27) She takes care of herself.

28) She believes in healing the root cause of an illness.

29) She goes to lớn a Chinese doctor.

30) She gets acupuncture.

31) She does yoga.

32) She walks with her neighbor.

33) She has a gluten free and dairy không tính phí diet & never complains about it.

34) She’s a very sweet grandmother.

35) She is involved in her grandchildren’s lives.

36) She keeps in touch with them & supports them any way she can.

37) She is very stylish.

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38) She has very good taste và has always had cute outfits.

39) She likes to lớn try new fashions.

40) She’s a talented Irish musician.

41) She wrote an Irish tune book.

42) She’s traveled lớn Irelvà 8 times.

43) She taught an Irish Ensemble course at FSU.

44) She taught elementary music for 25 years.

45) She has a masters in Education.

46) She took fiddle lessons in her 40s.

47) She took me to Grayton Beach when I was little.

48) She took me to lớn Washington DC & New York City when I was 11.

49) We went khổng lồ Irel& together in 2000.

50) We went to San Francisco together in 1990.

51) She gave sầu me a kitten when I was little.

52) She let me bring trang chủ a stray dog when I was a teenager.

53) She took me khổng lồ Market Day every year (a craft festival in Tallahassee) which I loved.

54) She encouraged me to lớn have hobbies.

55) She took photography in her 30s.

56) She took macrame.

57) She had a house painting tiệc nhỏ when I was a teen and we couldn’t afford lớn pay a painter.

58) She was a teacher at my school from first grade lớn third grade và I felt special.

59) She loved to lớn entertain and had great parties when I was a kid.

60) She’s really good at coming up with a menu for a tiệc nhỏ.

61) She made hundreds of mini pizzas using English muffins at a các buổi tiệc nhỏ in the 70s và I was so impressed that I still remember them.

62) She had fun hairstyles over the years.

63) I love sầu her name – Jane.

64) She has pretty blue eyes.

65) She has the cudemo nose I’ve ever seen.

66) She has the best laugh.

67) We have the same sense of humor.

68) She’s very understanding.

69) I can điện thoại tư vấn her anytime và she is always there for me to lớn talk khổng lồ when I need her.

70) She still loved me even when I was a super annoying teenager.

71) She’s very good at reading people.

72) She’s always had lots of friends.

73) She loves movies.

74) She’s a great friend, mother, sister, wife and grandmother.

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75) She’s always been a young mom khổng lồ me, even at 75! I love sầu you so much, mom! xo


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