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What is the reason for using "to" and "khổng lồ the" before the word "church" in different parts of this passage?

On Sundays, we always went to church. After breakfast, the carriage took Ambrose và me khổng lồ the church in the village. All the servants came to lớn church too. On Sunday evenings, we had an early dinner. Usually, some of our neighbours would eat with us.

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(My Cousin Rachel, Daphne Du Maurie)



By saying khổng lồ church one means church the institution. By saying to lớn the church one means church the building.

On Sundays, we always went to lớn church.

Here, it doesn"t matter which church we went khổng lồ, geographically. What is important is that we attended the Christian House of God.

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After breakfast, the carriage took Ambrose & me khổng lồ the church in the village

Here, a specific building rather than the institution in general is meant, hence the definite article.

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It is the same difference as between to lớn schoolto the school.

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