Go For It Ion And Synonyms

1. To go (khổng lồ some place) in order to get something. I"m going for coffee. Do you want one? Would you mind going for bread? We"re all out.

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2. To undertake some activity, especially a physically active one, that involves leaving one"s current location. I think I"ll go for a run in the morning. Why don"t we all go for a xe đạp ride this weekend?
3. To bring in a certain amount of money when sold. These computers usually go for around $3,000, so you"re getting a really good giảm giá. I heard their house went for £1.5 million.
4. To last, endure, or continue khổng lồ function for some amount of time. Those old Smartphone phones could go for days at a time without needing khổng lồ be charged. I was so broke that I once went for nearly a month eating nothing but beans và rice.
5. To attempt khổng lồ achieve or obtain some goal, objective, status, etc. I"m going for a PhD in applied physics. If you really want khổng lồ become a writer, then you should just go for it, dude.
6. To compete for some goal or prize. She"s going for a gold medal in the 100-meter dash this afternoon. It really knocks your confidence down a peg to lớn see how many actors are going for the same tiny role as you.

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7. To opt for something; khổng lồ choose some option. I just went for a basic máy tính xách tay in the kết thúc. I really didn"t need some fancy high-over PC. I think I"ll go for the lasagmãng cầu. What bởi you think you"ll order?
8. To attachồng, strike, or alặng for some particular part or point. The assailant went straight for the neông chồng of his victlặng. OK, team, we"re nearing our target. Rethành viên to lớn go for the turrets mounted along the top of the fortress.
9. To accept, welcome, or choose lớn tư vấn something. I"d love khổng lồ work from trang chính full-time, but my boss wouldn"t go for that. My parents seem khổng lồ be going for the idea of me spending the summer in Maine with my cousins.
10. To desire to vị or have something. Usually used after "could." I could really go for a cheeseburger right about now! Let"s take a 10-minute break. I think we all could go for a little fresh air và a stretch of the legs.
11. To lượt thích, enjoy, or prefer something. I"ve sầu never really gone for lãng mạn comedies, lớn be honest. Tom had always gone for sports growing up, but after he left college his interest waned quite a bit.

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To put forth the necessary effort or energy to lớn vày or pursue something, especially in the face of any doubt or trepidation. Often used as words of encouragement. Sam: "I"m thinking of asking Dave sầu out on a date, but what if he says no?" Mike: "Just go for it, dude! You"ll never know unless you ask!" I knew I wouldn"t win the marahạn hẹp, but I still went for it with everything I had.