It is my father that would always help me with money and good advice while my mother gives us good care. Here, I would like to lớn talk about my father who is in his 60s


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There are five members in my family- my parents, my grandparents and sibling. We all live sầu in our home page in village/đô thị. We spover time together while helping each other in all easy và difficult situations. Since my father is the head of family và he is earning member, other family members depkết thúc on hyên for their needs. It is my father that would always help me with money & good advice while my mother gives us good care.

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Here, I would lượt thích khổng lồ talk about my father who is in his 60s. He is 5 feet 8 inch. He is healthy. He has a traditional Punjabi look. He likes lớn wear kurta-pyjama, which is a traditional dress in my region. He follows Punjabi culture and lifestyle.

He is the head of our family. He is a farmer. I have sầu always seen hyên ổn working in farms for livelihood. He grows wheat & rice & also the vegetable. He works hard and earns money lớn cover expenses of family. He gave us good education & provided us security. When he is close, we feel safe, secure & so much loved. His caring hands give us peace.

He’s very generous lớn me. He loves me and my siblings very much. He is kind lớn the family và relatives và almost everyone. He lives in brotherhood with his real brothers as well as all the villagers. They respect hlặng very much. In fact, he is often invited to the village committees, & his suggestions are considered valuable.

The best thing in my father is that he never gets angry. When there is a state of aggression, He stays calm, và handles the situation nicely. His voice carries politeness & lowers the anger of others also. He always tries khổng lồ underst& the meaning behind whatever we say và whatever we bởi vì.

When I am in confusion, I always like khổng lồ take shelter in my father’s authority. My father has done all that a good father must vì for his family. My father is like a godly figure khổng lồ me.

So my father is the person whom I admire.

Part 3: Details Discussion:

Attitudes khổng lồ the family:Q.In what ways have sầu families in your country changed in recent years?

A.The families have changed greatly in my country for different reasons & situations. Earlier the families were united but currently, they have sầu been shaped into lớn nuclear families. When people used to lớn live sầu the in the country areas, the families were large but with the advancement of time, the families have broken và took their own shares và formed small families instead of the large ones with the excuse of extensive maintenance cost, misunderstanding và more other issues.Q.Should husbands & wives have different roles within the family? Why / why not?

A.A husband & a wife should play different roles for different reasons. From time immemorial, males are considered as the bread earners while the females are the homemakers. But the ideas have sầu changed massively in the current days. Now, both the husband and wives are seen engaged in money-earning activities. Moreover, they are sharing their responsibilities between them và thus they are playing different roles in the family.

Family or friends:Q.Which are more important lớn you – your family or your friends?A.My family is the most important thing to me than friends. A Family is a place where you will have sầu everything. The family members will try lớn support you reasonably; both in good và bad situations và in return, they vị not expect anything. It is the most important feature of a family. The family members will never leave you forever, but the scenario is just the opposite with the friends. When there are no benefits in helping you, the friends will be nowhere to be found! They will avoid you in every possible manner. So, my family is my top priority.Q.What conflicts can arise between a person’s family và a person’s friends?A.There are different issues that can create trouble between you and your family or you and your friends. Regarding the familial issue, your family members may guide you lớn the right way but due lớn your laông chồng of knowledge, you may get involved in arguments over the guidance. You may prefer following the one which appears better lớn you (although in reality that is not meant for you).On the other hvà, conflicts with friends may range from any trifling matter khổng lồ a major issue lượt thích business loss or life or death situation. Family members are always with the well-wishers or try khổng lồ make better but the friends are not always with the same thought lớn make you feel good unless they have sầu any hidden benefit with the issue. The common conflict can arise when someone spends most of his/her time with friends và family members start complaining about it.

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Family responsibilities:

Q.What responsibilities do parents have towards their children?A.Parents naturally love sầu their kids. However, the parents are responsible for everything of their kids from rearing their kids well, educate them, và allow picking the right things for them or their career or even their marriage. Q.What responsibilities vì children have towards their parents?A.The most important responsibility the children have towards their parents is to abide by all the directives they get from the parents. There are no parents who want to have sầu their kids in diáp lực. So, the children should pay attention to their parents, take care of them in their old age and overall they should respect the parents always

1. Who is important in your family: the father or the mother?

In my family both are equally important. There is a very harmonious relation between my mother and father. Both have different roles and both that equally important. My mother has more role in running the family where is my father has more role in earning for thefamily.

2. How should parents look after their children?

Parents should look after the children very nicely. Parenting is a very crucial job and it is a full-time job, especially nowadays, in my opinion. Today, children have sầu a lot of exposure of the global culture, and they enjoy a lot of freedom. So, parents have sầu to be very alert about the whereabouts of their children and treat them in a friendly way, and yet be firm at times.

3. How should working parents look after their children?

Working parents should look after the children very nicely. Whatever time they get, they should devote khổng lồ their children. They should know where to lớn draw the line between work and family, otherwise it is very easy for children to go astray & it is very easy for parents khổng lồ đại bại hold on the children. Work is important but working parents should realise that their children’s childhood is equally important.

4. Do children get sufficient love and affection from their parents these days?

Yes, children get sufficient love sầu và affection from the parents, but this love and affection is substituted by money và not time. Parents think that giving enough money lớn the children is showing their love for them, they forget that what children need more is the time.

5. What vị you think about relationships between teenagers and their parents nowadays?

The relationships between teenagers và parents is very strained these days. Teenagers want to lớn follow the global culture whereas parents want them lớn follow the traditional culture. Teenagers want lớn take up subjects of their choice, such as animation, ethical hacking & so on, but parents want them to vì chưng the traditional courses lượt thích engineering, medicine & commerce.

6. How vị children learn lớn speak?

Children learn to lớn speak from the parents. They observe sầu their parents and speak as their parents teach them to, và slowly they get the hang of the language & learn to speak on their own.

7. Do you think adults speak khổng lồ children differently than between themselves?

Yes, adults speak to children differently than aước ao themselves. Sometimes they don’t want to show their áp lực or emotions khổng lồ their children và so speak differently with them, but when they speak with each other they have sầu no such inhibitions.

8. Do you think human communication is different from that of animals?

Yes, human communication is quite different from that of animals. Humans have sầu a language lớn communicate with each other, whereas animals communicate in their own way which is difficult for humans khổng lồ understand.

9. What bởi vì you think are good communication skills?

Good communication skills involve sầu being able to lớn convey what you want khổng lồ say khổng lồ the other person without creating any misunderstanding. Good communication involves good command over the language và also good command on toàn thân language which involves gestures & expressions.

10. Do you think everyone can learn these skills?

Yes, I believe sầu everyone can learn the skills. Communication Skills is a fully fledged subject these days in colleges. However, some people are born with good communication skills và they have sầu a way lớn communicate their feelings to the other person in a very simple way which does not lead khổng lồ any misunderstanding.

11. How would you suggest these skills be taught lớn children?

These skills can be taught lớn children in many ways. Firstly, parents can be good role models. If parents have sầu good communication skills, children will imbibe communication skills without even being taught formally. Then, this subject can be added in the school curriculum. Nowadays, even in graduate courses like engineering & commerce, communication skills are thought as a subject in the first semester.

12. Do you think adults & children communicate the same way?

No, I don’t think adults and children communicate in the same way. Children are innocent & their communication is plain & simple, which doesn’t involve sầu any twist of words. On the other hvà, adults are really careful in what they want khổng lồ communicate.

13. Can you think of any example of work (or, jobs) that require good communication skills?

I think every job needs good communication skills. For example doctors need good communication skills to lớn convey things to their patients; engineers need good communication skills khổng lồ work as a team lớn accomplish many projects; hawkers need communication skills lớn sell their products và so on. Sales personnel need good communication skills.

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14. What (personal) qualities bởi you think good communicator should have?

I think a good communicator should have an amicable personality. He should also be willing lớn listen, because I believe sầu that a person who can listen lớn others can also communicate well.