Để đạt điểm trên cao trong kỳ thi soát sổ 1 tiết các em hãy tđắm say khảo 2 Đề thi học tập kỳ 1 môn giờ Anh lớp 10 ngôi trường THPT Đa Phúc, TP Hà Nội gồm đáp án sẽ giúp những em nắm rõ văn bản trọng tâm của từng Unit học tập. Chúc những em đạt điểm cao vào kỳ thi cuối kì 1 lớp 10 môn giờ đồng hồ Anh sắp tới tới!

Đề thi giờ đồng hồ Anh học kì 1 lớp 10 có lời giải - Đề số 1

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

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1.A. psychologist  B. duty C. laundry  D. grocery
2. A. meaningful  B. finance C. society  D. advice
3. A. breadwinner  B. heavy C. break  D. instead

Choose the word whose stress is placed differently from that of the others.

4. A. contribution  B. disadvantaged C. announcement  D. individual
5. A. incredible B. advertisement C. successful  D. audience
6. A. understand  B. newspaper C. volunteer  D. interact

Circle the correct answer.

7. "Thanks for taking the time to lớn talk to us about your life."" - "__________"

A. Yes, I"d love sầu to

B. It"s my pleasure.

C. Not always, but I can’t agree with you more.

D. How interesting!

8. You can use social networking sites ______your personal profile và liên hệ other people.

A. creative

B. creating

C. creativity

D. khổng lồ create

9. I fell asleep because the play was so________.

A. bored

B. boredom

C. boring

D. bore

10. While we_______ football, it suddenly rained.

A. have sầu played

B. are playing

C. were playing

D. had played

11. A _______is a tower that contains a strong light lớn guide ships.

A. whiteboard

B. lighthouse

C. goldbrick

D. greenhouse

12. Your hair looks different. _____you ______your hair cut?

A. Have / had

B. Will / have

C. Did / have

D. Are / having

13. When you bởi vì something good for others, you will find your life _______.

A. meaningless

B. hopeless

C. harmful

D. meaningful

14. Internet helps us interact _______ people all around the world.

A. on

B. in

C. with

D. of

15. We all feel _______ about going on tours around Hanoi.

A. interested

B. excited

B. bored

D. tired

16. Doing volunteer work, we are more_____ of global problems facing our world.

A. aware

B. devote

C. communicate

D. dedicate

17. I really wanted to lớn take part in this conthử nghiệm, _______ my parents allowed me khổng lồ.

A. and

B. or

C. so

D. but

18. Someone _____ her purse while she ___________on the bus.

A. steal/was getting

B. stole/was getting

C. was stealing/was getting

D. was stealing/got

19. Last night my favorite program________________ by a special news bulletin.

A. interrupted

B. was interrupted

C. were interrupted

D. is interrupted

trăng tròn. Last year, my class _______ khổng lồ teach the children in a remote area.

A. volunteer

B. voluntary

C. volunteered

D. volunteers

Find the mistake in each of the following sentences.

21. The (A) earth circle (B) the (C) Sun once every (D) 365 days. 

22. Look at (A) these big blachồng clouds (B)! It is (C) going to raining (D). 

23. Acupuncture is one (A) of the oldest (B) medical treatment (C) in (D) the world. 


The following passage has some blanks. Find ONE suitable word khổng lồ fill in each blank. Circle A, B, C or D khổng lồ identify your answer.

Exercise is one of the best ways of keeping fit. It improves your (24)_______ & mind và enables you to persize better in the work place & at home. Proper breathing is essential if you want to lớn get the most from exercise và you should also take inlớn tài khoản your heart rate. It can be (25) __________ to vị too much at one time. That is why all good fitness instructors emphaform size the importance of “listening to lớn your body”. When you first start, you should use good judgments. It is easy to make mistakes of using the equipment incorrectly or doing too much at one time. (26) __________ slowly and build up gradually. To increase your fitness (27) __________ you should exercise for trăng tròn minutes a day, 4 to 6 times a week. Then you will see a difference both in your toàn thân and your mind in only a few weeks.

24. A. skull  B. brain C. body  D. breath
25. A. harm B. harmless C. harmfully  D. harmful
26. A. Start  B. Starting C. To start D. Started
27. A. wrong B. badly C. steadily D. difficultly

Read the following passage , then choose the correct answer.

Music can move sầu the soul. It can be a very strong influence. Some music can calm us down, but some music can make us wild! How does music affect us? Music is used in a variety of ways. It is used in the medical field as a source of retìm kiếm và as a sort of therapy as well. Music has been used as therapy for seizures , to lower blood pressure, treat mental illness, treat depression, aid in healing, treat áp lực & insomnia và premature infants. Musicologist Julius Portnoy found that it can change heart rates, increase or decrease blood pressure, effect energy levels, và digestion, positively or negatively, depending on the type of music. Calming music, such as classical music was found khổng lồ have a very calming effect on the body toàn thân, & cause the increase of endorphins, thirty minutes of such music was equal to lớn the effect of a dose of valium. Both hemispheres of the brain are involved in processing music. The music in these studies is not the "lyrics", but the music itself, the melody, the tones, the tunes, the rhythm, the chords. Conversely music has also been documented to cause sickness. The right, or wrong music, rather, can be like a poison khổng lồ the body. Studies have sầu been done on plants where loud hard rochồng music, for instance, killed plants & soft classical music, make the plants grow faster. Music is very powerful, like a drug & can even be an addiction. According to lớn Patty Hearst, a researcher on music, it was documented that music was used in the aid of brainwashing some people. In the book,” Elevator Music” by Joseph Lanza, it was stated that certain types of music over prolonged periods in certain conditions were shown to lớn cause seizures.

28. Which is the main idea of the text?

A. The effects of music

B. Powerful music

C. Music treatment

D. Music used as drugs

29. According khổng lồ the text, …………………

A. All pieces of music have sầu the same influence

B. Music can be used in the same way

C. Different music has different effects

D. Children cannot listen lớn music

30. The word “it” refers to…………………

A. the heart

B. stress

C. music

D. treatment

31. It can be inferred from the passage that …………………

A. Music has positive sầu effects, but it can cause harm when used in the wrong context.

B. Music always plays an important role in our life.

C. Music can’t cause addiction

D. The negative effect of music has not been proved.

Rewrite the sentences, as directed.

32. Would you mind helping me with the shopping?

⟹ Will you …………………………?

33. Although she has a beautiful voice, her performance is not skillful. (but )

⟹ ………………………………………

34. The doctor said, “ You shouldn’t skip breakfast, Linda.”

The doctor advised Linda………………………

35. They believe sầu that Yoga provide people with several invaluable health benefits.

Yoga is …………………………

Đáp án Đề thi tiếng Anh học kì một số 1

1 - A; 2 - A; 3 - C; 4 - C; 5 - D; 

6 - B; 7 - B; 8 - D; 9 - C; 10 - C; 

11 - B; 12 - A; 13 - D; 14 - C; 15 - B; 

16 - A; 17 - C; 18 - B; 19 - B; trăng tròn - C; 

21 - B; 22 - D; 23 - C; 24 - C; 25 - D; 

26 - A; 27 - C; 28 - A; 29 - C; 30 - C; 31 - A;

32. Will you help me with the shopping?

33. She has a beautiful voice, but her performance is not skillful.

34. The doctor advised Linda not to lớn skip breakfast.

35. Yoga is believed to provide people with several invaluable health benefits.

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Đề thi học tập kì 1 giờ Anh 10 có lời giải - Đề số 2

I. Phonetics:

* Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from others: (0. 5p)

1. A. legover B. lend C. defover D. pretend

2. A. parents B. brothers C. weekends D. feelings

* Which word has the main bít tất tay different from others: (0. 5p)

3. A. muscle B. cancer C. special D. disease

4. A. vulnerable B. psychologist C. society D. responsible

II. Grammar & vocabulary:

A. Fill in the blank with the correct khung of the verb in parenthesis: (1. 5p)

1. She can"t answer your phone now because she (have)............ .........a shower.

2. Food (store)................................................ in the stomach before it is broken down.

3. The boy (do).......... ............ his voluntary work with his friends some years ago.

4. It"s easier (make)............................. a complaint than lớn give sầu an explanation.

5. They (watch).................... TV when we came.

6. Bill"s wife doesn"t let hlặng (go)............................................. to the tiệc ngọt.

B. Fill in the blank with the correct size of the word in parenthesis: (1p)

1. In the 1890s, coloured people in South Africa were not treated ___________________ (equal)

2. Participating in a (compete)_________________________is quite stressful.

3. The (appear)_____________________ of her debut album is an important event in her life.

4. Let"s throw (value) _____________________things away because of their little use.

C. Choose the best answer lớn complete the following sentences: (1. 5 p)

1. The.......... of warm clothes from the donors last winter was really meaningful to those poor children.

A. volunteering B. donation C. advantage D. charity

2. Acupuncture can ease pain và treat from simple to complicated ailments.

A. acupoints B. treatments C. points D. diseases

3. Teachers are supposed khổng lồ............ responsibility for students" education.

A. bởi vì B. join C. rush D. take

4. I often take part.................. social activities every weekover.

A. in B. for C. against D. over

5. She has an exceptional ability. It means she is a........

A. devotee B. enthusiast C. talent D. idol

6. Bread is usually _____ wheat.

A. made of B. made with C. made from D. made by

III. Reading:

A. Read the passage carefully & choose the correct answer: (1. 25 p)

Music influences people in different ways or the same person differently at different times. Music may seem khổng lồ influence people differently. That is because people can react differently khổng lồ the music. We are able lớn apply a choosing process to lớn the music we hear. If someone hates jazz, then a jazz piece with a positive effect will probably not make hyên feel good. A happy tuy vậy might appear to make an angry person angrier, yet it is not the music itself that is creating the anger; rather it is the positive sầu effect of the music. The angry person does not want khổng lồ accept the song"s happy feeling: it points out his already existing anger, và makes that anger come to the surface. When a piece of music is played và we are listening to lớn it, our toàn thân, mind, và feelings are being affected. The musicians of ancient cultures such as China, India, Turkey & Greece understood the effects of music. In fact, Pathagoras, in ancient Greece, introduced a whole science that concerned them. Because the musicians of these ancient cultures understood these effects, they created music that was positive, uplifting, và beneficial. Once the effects of music are better understood, the next step is to gain a better understanding of the music around us, và what effect it is actually having.

1. The text is about_____.

A. The science of music B. Understanding music

C. The effects of music on human feelings D. Music & an angry person

2. Music_____.

A. cannot be chosen B. affects everytoàn thân in the same way

C. affects us in different ways D. never makes us angry

3. According khổng lồ the text,_____.

A. Everybody toàn thân likes jazz B. Jazz always makes us feel better

C. No one likes jazz D. a very angry person sometimes vày not accept music

4. In ancient cultures, there used to lớn be a science that concerned the effects of music in_____.

A. Trung Quốc B. India C. Turkey D. Greece

5. The word "Once" has a cthua meaning to_____.

A. on time B. when C. because D. if

B. Choose the best option lớn fill in each blank: (1,25 p)

In the western customs (1) _____ hands is the customary form of greeting, but in China a nod of the head or slight bow is sufficient. Hugging & kissing when greeting are uncomtháng. Business cards are often (2) _____ & yours should be printed in your own language và in Chinese. Also, it is more respectful to present your thẻ or a gift or -any other article using (3) _____ hands. The Chinese are enthusiastic applauders. You may be greeted with group clapping, even by small children. When a person is applauded in this practice it is the custom for that person to lớn return the applause or a "thank you. " (4)_______walking in public places, direct eye tương tác and staring is uncomtháng in the larger cities, especially in those areas accustomed lớn foreign visitors. (5) _____, in smaller communities, visitors may be the subject of much curiosity & therefore you may notice some stares.

1. A. taking B. shaking C. grasping D. hugging

2. A. exchanged B. changed C. transferred D. converted

3. A. pair B. couple C. double D. both

4. A. When B. Because C. So D. Although

5. A. Moreover B. Furthermore C. However D. Whatever

IV. Writing:

B. Rewrite the following sentences, using the suggestions: (1. 5 p)

1. You can go with us to lớn the event. You can stay at trang chính watching TV.

(using the coordinating conjunctions: "and", "or", "but" or "so")


2. The furniture was so expensive sầu that I didn"t buy it.

-> The furniture was too_______________________________________

3. Fog held up the trains.

The _____________________________________________________

Đáp án Đề thi học tập kì 1 tiếng Anh 10 số 2

I. Phonetics:

* Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from others: (0. 5p)

1. A. legover 2. A. parents

* Which word has the main găng tay different from others: (0. 5p)

3. D. disease 4. A. vulnerable

II. Grammar and vocabulary:

A. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb in parenthesis: (1. 5p)

1. is having 2. is stored 3. did 4. lớn make 5. were watching 6. go

B. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the word in parenthesis: (1p)

1. equally 2. competition 3. appearance 4. valueless

C. Choose the best answer lớn complete the following sentences: (1. 5 p)

1. B. donation 2. diseases 3. take 4. A. in 5. C. talent 6. C. made from

III. Reading:

A. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer: (1. 25 p)

1. C. The effects of music on human feelings 2. C. affects us in different ways

3. D. a very angry person sometimes vị not accept music

4. D. Greece 5. B. when

B. Choose the best option to lớn fill in each blank: (1,25 p)

Keys: 1 B shaking 2 A exchanged 3 D both 4 A When 5 C However

IV. Writing:

A. Find out the mistake in the following sentences: (1p)

1. D. the poor 2. B. take 3. A. get annoyed 4. B. carefully

B. Rewrite the following sentences, using the suggestions: (1. 5 p)

1. You can go with us to lớn the event or you can stay at home watching TV.

2. -> The furniture was too expensive sầu for me lớn buy.

3. The trains were held up by fog.

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