Đề thi hsg tiếng anh 9 cấp huyện có đáp án


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got on C. got away D. got up 10. When my father retired, he decided to lớn take ____ golf. A. in B. with C. up D. for 11. The doors were painted blue to lớn .................... the walls. A. suit B. match C. fix D. fit 12. I’m sure he didn’t vì it ............................ purpose. A. on B. with C. for D. in 13. She came ....................... a lot of problems at work. A. up with B. down with C. in for D. up against 14. We will go for a walk .................... it’s foggy - I hate walking in the fog. A. though B. unless C. if D. in case 15. Daisy wrote_________ report on the Vietnam war. A. ten-page B. a ten-page C. ten pages D. ten-paged 16. His__________ made hlặng cry. A. fearful B. fearfulness C. fearless D. fearlessness 17. The children were completely fascinated___________. A. on the story the teacher told them B. by the story the teacher told them. DIỄN ĐÀN TOÁN - LÝ - HÓA 1000B TRẦN HƯNG ĐẠO TPhường.QUY NHƠN https://123doc.org/trang-ca-nhan-3408296-loc-tin-tai.htm 1 www.facebook.com/daykemquynhonofficial Đóng góp PDF vì chưng GV. Nguyễn Thanh Tú www.facebook.com/boiduonghoahocquynhonofficial MỌI YÊU CẦU GỬI VỀ HỘP MAIL DAYKEMQUYNHONBUSINESS