League of Legends is an exciting game, and you never really know what is lurking around the corner – you can be in for a surprise at any given moment. Once you have sầu finished up your match of League of Legends, Riot Games has given players the option to tải về a replay (This wasn’t possible before, but since League player count grew, Riot decided to implement this feature so that players can share their fantastic plays with their friends). So, if you make an unbelievable move that you want to cốt truyện with your friends, simply hit that trả lời button and take it from there. This allows you khổng lồ capture those fantastic plays you may have sầu made.

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It doesn’t matter what type of LoL mode you’re playing – you can push the trả lời button on ARAM, Normal, or Solo/Duo Queue – there aren’t any limitations here, thankfully. You can save a trả lời tệp tin and play it baông chồng whenever you feel the need. You can then send the trả lời video clip to lớn a frikết thúc, và they can watch your gameplay.

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Video Recording Software Can Also be Used
How to save sầu a League of Legends highlight?
Saving a Replay with the Download Button
Finding the Location of Your Saved Replays
Other Methods of Recording League of Legends Gameplay
1) Streaming Apps
2) Screen Recording
3) Video Editing Software
Additional Tips
What about video clip unique settings?

Video Recording Software Can Also be Used

If you have a đoạn phim recording software, such as Fraps, you can use it throughout the match lớn record parts of your gameplay.

If you need some help on getting started, we’ve put together this quiông xã guide to lớn teach you how khổng lồ save replays and, once they’re saved, where you can find them on your PC.

How to lớn save a League of Legends highlight?

By going inlớn your match history (this can be found under the protệp tin section in your LoL account), you can save sầu a highlight.

Saving a Replay with the Download Button


Since you have sầu saved the gameplay, you’d surely lượt thích to lớn jump in and watch your sweet moves. But first, you will need khổng lồ know exactly where that tệp tin is located.

You can either play it or find it on your computer.

In case you didn’t know, your replays will be saved as .ROFL files by default. You can locate the files by going to your settings menu in the LoL Client.

In order khổng lồ get khổng lồ this area, you will need khổng lồ clichồng on that cog ibé, which can be found at the top right of the client. On the left-h& side, click on “Replays.” Once you have done this, you will come across the default folder where both the Replays và Highlights are located. You can either navigate to lớn them or change them to lớn something easier for you to get to – this is entirely up khổng lồ you.

Other Methods of Recording League of Legends Gameplay

1) Streaming Apps

I don’t think I ever mentioned this, but streaming can be a good form of income if you know what you’re doing và can provide epic content or gameplay footage. If you’re already on your way to making your gaming career profitable, then streaming would be great for you. You can use applications such as OBS Studio, which will allow you khổng lồ record your League of Legends gameplay in real-time, so all of your fans can watch you while you play. Also, if you feel comfortable with it, you can use a webcam so that your fans can see your reactions as you’re playing League of Legends.

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2) Screen Recording

There are many screen recording applications that you can use, such as Nvidia GeForce Experience – this is a mặc định application you can use if you’re using NVidia’s GPI. This will allow you to record League of Legends, or any other game, in real-time. This means that functions such as the chat function và voice communication will also be displayed in the Clip.

3) Video Editing Software

One of the best ways to lớn record highlights of your game would be to lớn use đoạn phim editing software. A screen-recorded đoạn phim tệp tin can be used so that you can display all of the functions you want others to lớn see & cut out the scenes you don’t really care for. What this means is that you can create a nice little compilation of two or more of your greademo plays you had during the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long bởi vì Replays Last?

Replays will last for the length of a patch cycle. What this means is that once you patch up, the replays you have created will expire. For example, let’s say you played a game on 10.1; you will be able khổng lồ watch that trả lời until you patch 10.2.

How Do I Find & Watch a Replay?

After you have sầu finished playing a match in League of Legends, find that download button located in the upper right of the “End of Game” screen – this is located next to lớn Advanced Details. You can also locate your replays on your Match History screen. Once you have sầu downloaded the trả lời file (.rofl), the button will turn into lớn a new “Watch Replay” state. To replay, simply cliông xã on that. 

Is There a Built-in Video Recorder?

Of course there is, so you don’t have lớn bởi vì anything special on your over. All you have to lớn vày is start recording, watch that epic play, then clichồng again to make it stop. These video clips are referred to lớn as “Highlights” on League of Legends, & they are in the .webm format. You can locate the saved highlights on your PC in the following location:C:Users\DocumentsLeagueofLegendsHighlightsAfter you have stopped the recording & confirm the highlight was captured, this path will be displayed. From there, you will be able khổng lồ upload it wherever you would like to lớn cốt truyện it. 

What is a .WEBM?

A .webm is an open-sourced đoạn phim format that can play with HTML5. This means you can drag and drop the files into lớn Chrome & Firefox, và they’ll start playing automatically. Also, the VLC truyền thông player does great for playing these videos.

What about the in-game chat, is that included in the replay video?

Your in-game chat is kept private – it will not carry over into the gameplay. 

Is replaying available for an unlimited amount of games?

No, you will only have sầu the last 20 games available. 

Can I tải về replay from another player?

You sure can. If you want lớn download ranked replays, you can grab those from your friends’ profiles from the match history tab.

I have a troll on my hands, can I skết thúc the replay khổng lồ player tư vấn and use that as a report?

No. If you have sầu dealt with trolls before, you know what khổng lồ bởi vì. If you see cases of intentional feeding, trolling, or bad behavior, when you’re finished with the game, go ahead & report it as you usually would. From there, the instant feedbaông xã system will help you out.

What is the highlights section under my profile?

The highlights section under your protệp tin is where you can view, rename, và delete the highlights you recorded with the LoL client. 

Additional Tips

The hotkeys you will want to rethành viên are:

1,2,3,4,5 or Q, W, E, R, T keys will move sầu between different champions.CTRL+V starts và stops the recording of your highlight.Pushing 1,2,3,4,5 or Q, W, E, R, T twice will loông xã the camera on that champ.

When you have sầu locked the camera on a specific champion, you will notice that the marks on the timeline for their kills will become a tad bit brighter, while the other landmarks on the screen will fade in the background. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you khổng lồ find a certain moment you’re searching for in the match.

What about Clip unique settings?

By mặc định, the highlights will be captured in 720p. However, there are in-game options that will allow you to choose the đoạn phim chất lượng you would like to record the highlights in. You can easily adjust these settings in-game while watching the Replay video or before you start to lớn record a League of Legends highlight.

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That about sums it all up – you now know everything you need to lớn know lớn start recording/saving your gameplay. Now, you can have sầu all those epic plays on video và tóm tắt them with your friends.