Bài Tập Trắc Nghiệm Unit 3 A Trip To The Countryside Môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 9


những bài tập giờ đồng hồ Anh 9 Unit 3: A trip khổng lồ the countryside

Trắc nghiệm giờ đồng hồ Anh lớp 9 Unit 3: A trip to the countryside tất cả đáp án bao gồm nhiều dạng bài bác tập trắc nghiệm giờ Anh 9 không giống nhau gồm câu trả lời giúp những em học viên lớp 9 nói lại kiến thức và kỹ năng Từ vựng - Ngữ pháp giờ đồng hồ Anh unit 3 lớp 9 A trip lớn the countryside một biện pháp hiệu quả độc nhất. Mời thầy cô và những em xem thêm.

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Soạn Unit 3 lớp 9 A trip lớn the countryside hệ 7 năm

I. Choose the word which is pronounced differently from the other.


A. dear

C. hear

C. hear

D. heart


A. stupid

B. studio

C. study

D. student


A. brother

B. thick

C. they

D. that


A. line

B. fine

C. site

D. fit


A. houses

B. faces

C. horses

D. places

II. Choose the word in each line has different stress pattern.


A. promise

B. forget

C. defrost

D. receive


A. dangerous

B. opposite

C. interested

D. umbrella


A. happy

B. early

C. allowed

D. injured


A. important

B. chemical

C. director

D. completely


A. marvelous

B. impatient

C. relation

D. destructive

III. Find the one choice that best completes the sentence.

11. To reach the village we have sầu khổng lồ cross a small bamboo ______.

A. bush

B. shrub

C. forest

D. forestry

12. There are some cottages at the______of the mountain. It is very peaceful there.

A. leg

B. feet

C. shin

D. foot

13. Nam, a student from Ho Chi Minh city, is ______student in the USA.

A. a change

B. an exchange

C. to change

D. lớn exchange

14. He is now living with the Brown family on a ______outside Columbus, Ohio.

A. river

B. farm

C. field

D. site

15. Mr. Brown does farming work, while Mrs. Brown works at a grocery store in a ______town.

A. near

B. nearly

C. nearby

D, nearside

16. Every day when Nam finishes his homework, he ______the chickens.

A. foods

B. nurses

C. feeds

D. gets food

17. After that, he ______the chicken"s eggs.

A. picks

B. takes

C. has

D. collects

18. On weekends, if Mr. Brown is ______, Nam & his sons help hyên on the farm.

A. busy

B. free

C. available

D. occupying

19. The family usually ______on Saturday afternoon. They don"t work.

A. be free

B. not work

C. relaxes

D. enjoys

trăng tròn. Nam likes the Brown because they are very______ .

A. nice

B. cold

C. warm

D. friends

21. The Browns are so nice that he enjoys being a ______of their family.

A. part

B. section

C. member

D. boy

22. It was ______expensive sầu car that he couldn"t afford to buy it.

A. so

B. very

C. such a

D. such an

23. I didn"t have sầu time to lớn study ______I failed the exam.

A. since

B. because

C. so

D. so that

24. They first met ______they were at high school.

A. since

B. when

C. while

D. for

25. I find this math problem difficult. If only brother ______here to help me.

A. is

B. were

C. be

D. being

26. I would rather you ______the problem by yourself.

A. solve

B. solving

C. to lớn solve

D. solved

27. I know Jane. I first met her ______Christmas______1990.

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A. in/ in

B. at/ in

C. at/ at

D. on/ in

28. Mr. Brown is a farmer. He"s used to ______farming work.

A. do

B. lớn be doing

C. doing

D. have done

29. He was lazy______he was dismissed. Now he"s out of work.

A. because

B. since

C. so

D. as

30. The play was disappointing ______it was badly acted and too long.

A. so

B. such

C. because

D. so that

31. I wish I ______wings lượt thích birds so that I ______fly from place khổng lồ place.

A. have/ can

B. had/ can

C. have/ could

D. had/ could

32. I wish I ______to lớn the movies with you last night.

A. went

B. go

C. have sầu gone

D. had gone

33. Father is repairing the roof ______ the rain won"t come in.

A. so

B. that

C. so that

D. because

34. The house was quiet when I ______ trang chính. Everybody toàn thân ______lớn bed.

A. got / had gone

B. get/ had gone

C. got/ when

D. was getting/ went

35. When we ______lớn the Town Hall, people ______calmly.

A. got/ are waiting

B. got/ were waiting

C. got/ waited

D. get/ wait

36. It"s time we ______ this old oto & bought a new one.

A. sell B. sold C. have sầu sold D. would sell

37. Excuse me, but you______ in my place.

A. sit B. sat C. were sitting D. are sitting

38. Tom was ill______ his mother sent for a doctor.

A. but B. & C. so D. for

39. We______ the exercises in our classroom when the fire alarm ______.

A. are doing/ rang B. were doing/ rang C. were doing/ ring D. were doing/ was ringing

40. She wishes she ______hyên the bad news yesterday.

A. didn"t tell B. doesn"t tell C. hadn"t told D. wouldn"t tell

41. It"s time you ______up smoking because you are in bath health.

A. give B. gave sầu C. has given D. would give

42. ______hearing those air planes over your house every day.

A. Are you use to lớn B. Are you used for C. Are you accustom to D. Are you accustomed to

43. American women nowadays ______being independent.

A. are used to B. aren"t used to C. used to lớn D. not use to

44. If only I ______for that job, I might be a typist now.

A. apply B. applied C. had applied D. have applied

45. They arrive sầu ______Tan Son Nhat Airport ______3 o"clock in the afternoon.

A. at / at B. in / in C. in / at D. at / in

III. Choose the underlined words or phrases that are not correct in standard written English.

46. The fruit was so (A) rotten that (B) it had to lớn throw (C) away (D).

47. Mrs. Brown used to jogging (A) during (B) the summer months but (C) now it often rains (D) so she stops jogging.

48. The film we saw (A) last night was (B) so bad that (C) we wish we didn’t go (D) lớn see it.

49. The doctors know that it would be (A) difficult khổng lồ save sầu (B) the life of the patient but (C) they’ll vì their best (D).

50. I’ll go to the school (A) to lớn collect the children. They are used to lớn (B) be picked (C) up after (D) school every day. 

51. My father wishes that he doesn’t (A) have sầu to (B) retire at (C) the age (D) of sixty.

52. I hate Mondays! If only I don’t (A) have sầu lớn (B) go khổng lồ school (C) on (D) Mondays.

53. I wish I can (A) earn (B) more money & work (C) less time (D). But, of course I can’t.

54. I don’t believe (A) it. It’s three (B) in (C) the morning and the các buổi party still doesn’t finish (D).

55. The world’s (A) first computer built (B) at (C) the university of Pennsylvania in (D) 1946.

Còn tiếp ...

Đáp án

1. D

2. C

3. B

4. D

5. A


7. D

8. C

9. B

10. A

11. C

12. D

13. B

14. B

15. C

16. C

17. D

18. A

19. C

20. A

21. C

22. D

23. C

24. B

25. B

26. D

27. B

28. C

29. C

30. C

31. D

32. D

33. C

34. A

35. B

36. B

37. D

38. C

39. B

40. C

41. B

42. D

43. A

44. C

45. A

46. C => had lớn be thrown

47. A => jog

48. D => hadn’t gone

49. A => will be

50. C =>being picked

51. A => didn’t

52. A => didn’t

53. A => could

54. D => hasn’t finished

55. B => was built

56. C

57. A

58. B

59. D

60. A

61. A

62. B

63. A

64. C

65. B

66. B

67. D

68. A

69. D

70. A

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