Bài tập chia thì lớp 7


Những bài tập giờ đồng hồ anh lớp 7 (phân tách thì)

1. Exercise 1:1. she (go) ------------------ to school everyday2. there (khổng lồ be) ------------------ big problems in many parts of the world.3. A lot of people (go) -------------------- khổng lồ work by oto.4. Davis never (take) ---------------------- the bus to lớn school.5. He plays volleyball but he (not enjoy)----------------------- it.6. Most shops usually (open) ------------------------- at 8.00 a.m & (close) --------------------- at 6.00 p.m.7. School children (wear) ------------------------- unisize on Monday.8. I want ( buy)------------------- some stamps.9. Ruth (live) ----------------- with his parents in an apartment.10. He is writing a postthẻ and (watch)---------------- TV at the same time.Exercise 2:1. I (see) ------------------- a oto accident on this corner yesterday2. Mr. John (be) ------------------ principal of our school since last year.3. My father (not watch) --------------------- TV every night.4. I (meet) -------------------- Arthur three weeks ago.5. Yesterday the police (report) -------------------------- that they (capture)--------------------- the thief.6. Someone (steal) ------------------------ my handbag on the bus.7. Last month I (be) ------------------------- in the hospital for ten days.8. Don’t Điện thoại tư vấn me in the afternoon. I usually (be) --------------------------- away in the afternoon.9. People (speak) ------------------- English in almost Canada.10. The dog (wag) --------------------- his tail whenever he (see) ------------------------- me.Exercise 2:1. I think he (leave) -------------------- as soon as he (know)-------------------- the news2. He (come) ------------------- and (see) --------------------- you soon.3.

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My mother (come) ----------------------- to lớn stay with us next weekend.4. Where you (spend) ------------------- your holidays next summer?5. Violets (bloom)----------------- in spring.6. They (prepare)-------------------- the Christmas dinner at the moment.7. When he lived in Manchester, he (work) ---------------- in a ngân hàng.8. Birds (build) ------------------ their nests in summer and (fly)-------------------- lớn the South in winter.9. I (lose) -------------------my key. (can) ---------------------you help me look for it?10. My brother (join) ----------------------the army when he (be) --------------------young.Exercise 2:1. Miss Lee often (write) when he (be) young.2. He (leave) home page two weeks ago3. You (speak) khổng lồ Mrs. Bakers yesterday?4. Columbus (discover) America more than 400 years ago.5. I (not can) remember when I last (see) her.6. When Nguyen Du (die)? - I (not know) when he (die).7. Hurry up! The train (come).8. Be quiet! The teacher (be) angry.9. Some animals (not eat) during winter.10. Listen! The bird (sing).Exercise 2:1. I (finish) the book before my next birthday.2. The house (build) two years ago.3. Someone (cut) down all the trees in the garden.4. Tom Baker (not come) here tomorrow.5. He often (say) O.K. when he (talk) with the quests.

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