I Got A Pen Pal With These 5 Steps (And Why You Should Too


When it comes lớn letter writing, one of the most frequent questions we hear is, “What should I write to lớn my pen pal about?”

It seems that many of us love sầu the idea of writing to lớn someone but, when it comes down to lớn it, we aren’t quite sure what we should be saying to a pen pal in our letters.

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This is understandable, và the most important answer to the question of what khổng lồ write is lớn giới thiệu only what you are comfortable sharing.

Above sầu all, never cốt truyện anything with a pen pal that you don’t feel you should be sharing or don’t wish to giới thiệu.

So, with that said, what can you write lớn a pen pal?

Once you’ve sầu sent your first letter to lớn a pen pal và have sầu been chatting baông xã and forth for a while, you might want to include some of the below ideas.

1. Updates on things you have already mentioned

As you are engaged in an ongoing conversation with your pen pal, it’s nice to keep them updated on things you may have mentioned previously.

For example, if you mentioned in your last letter that your dog was unwell, you can go ahead and update them on how your dog is doing now.

If, in a past letter, you told your pen pal you had a gut feeling about somebody you had recently met, you might wish khổng lồ return lớn that conversation và explain how you’ve sầu been proved wrong or right.

2. Personal or family news

Your pen pal is a friover, and so you may wish to keep them updated on any personal or family news, as you would your local friends who you see face-to-face.

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This could include news about your employment, your kids’ achievements, your health, or anything else you wish lớn cốt truyện.

3. TV or film recommendations


If your pen pal tends khổng lồ enjoy similar TV shows or movies to you, then you might want khổng lồ let them know of anything you’ve sầu watched that you think they’d enjoy. Likewise, you might want lớn give them a heads up khổng lồ avoid a show!

If there is a TV series that you both love sầu to watch, you might want lớn discuss recent plot developments and characters with your pen pal, too.

4. Book recommendations

If you connect over books, then I’m sure your pen pal would love khổng lồ hear about what you’ve sầu been reading recently & the books you recommend.

You could also suggest that you both read the same book one month and then discuss it afterwards — like a book club for two!

5. Recent holidays or events


Sharing what you have been up to lớn since you last wrote can be fun & might spark further conversation around new topics.

If you’ve been on holiday or attended an event, I’m sure your pen pal would love sầu to lớn hear all about it. Think about the details that made your experience quality và make sure lớn include those — for example, if you have been on holiday, tell them about the interesting character you sat next to lớn on the flight home page or about how the khách sạn overbooked và so you had to lớn spover one night in another hotel.

6. What’s coming up for you

Alongside what you have been up to, it can be interesting to lớn mô tả what is coming up for you — this is especially good to include in your letters if you don’t write frequently.

Mention upcoming events & let your pen pal know how you are feeling about them.

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Of course, it’s also important to lớn ask your pen pal questions. If you’re ever stuông chồng for ideas, here’s our danh sách of 75 questions to lớn ask a pen pal.